Galeria Punto Various accounts

Galeria Punto HP
HP 展覧会・YouTubeチャンネル・アクセスなど、全ての情報を確認いただけます。
You can check information on the latest exhibitions, artists and works, etc.

Online Shop
作家の作品及びPunto press等を購入いただけます。
Our online shop sells great works by artists.

Galeria Punto Twitter @galeria_punto
Various information such as exhibition information and artist’s gallery information is sent.

Galeria Punto Facebook
Exhibition information and stories of artists that can only be seen here on the membership page (500 yen per month) are also sent.

Instagram加古川 @galeria_punto
Information on the Kakogawa Gallery at Galeria Punto is posted.

Instagram神戸 @galeria_punto.kobe
Information on the KOBE Gallery at Galeria Punto KOBE is posted.

Information on the latest exhibitions, artists, works, etc. can be confirmed from the above, HP and various SNS. Various contents are updated on various SNS. If you don’t mind, please follow me.